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DROID is Solana's first (and only) DAO-driven, NFT-based VC firm.

Droid Capital

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Droid Capital has solidified its presence within the burgeoning NFT space with the launch of its groundbreaking investment platform, Droid-Fi, powered by Sun Labs.

Using Sun Labs tokenized Yield Fund products on the Solana blockchain; the platform generated an impressive 98% increase in Droid Capital's NFT price upon announcement. Furthermore, it established a powerful precedent by proudly raising over $1 million in total value locked in its investment products just 48 hours following launch.

This extraordinary success has allowed them to make substantial inroads into DeFi and manifest significant profits for their DAO - potentially netting annual six-figure gains due to product fee generation. Unquestionably, Droid Capital is set to establish a firm foothold within NFT-powered VCs as an innovative forerunner of tech-driven portfolio management.


Droid Capital was challenged to broaden its NFT utility to a more extensive user base while preserving its distinct brand. To address this challenge, they sought ways to earn revenue for their DAO, increase the floor price of their NFTs, and unify their community through a single web presence.

Through strategic planning, Droid Capital has implemented several products that are driving success toward these objectives - keeping them competitive in an ever-evolving space and affirming their identity as an industry leader.


Droid Capital leveraged Sun Labs' solution to its fullest by delivering an innovative suite of white-label products.

This included their Droid-Fi product line, which allowed customers to earn a yield on SOL, USDC, BTC, and ETH, along with a sophisticated investment platform that provides transparency into portfolios, trading strategies, and product information.

To increase their NFT price floor, they also included a fee reduction program that allows investors to pay lower fees if they choose to burn Droid Capital NFTs.

Through Sun Labs' help in content writing for marketing materials and their platform and structured investment product development expertise, Droid Capital received exactly what it needed to achieve success.


Droid-Fi has generated results that have exceeded expectations, with its platform attracting investors left and right. With an impressive $1 million in total value locked on their investment products under 48 hours from beta launch, plus six figures in annual net profits through fee generation, it is clear that Droid-Fi is at the top of its game when it comes to fulfilling its mission.

To make matters even better, announcing their Droid-Fi products led to a 98% increase in their NFT price - a result proving they are serious about keeping their investors happy.


Droid-Fi has proven to be a successful venture for expanding the utility of Droid Capital NFTs. It has successfully united investors, raised funds, and generated net profit for its DAO while providing clients with comprehensive insights into their portfolios.

For any digital asset managers or members of a crypto community looking to develop their own investment platform or escalate existing product offerings, the white-label products powered by Sun Labs are a perfect solution.

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