DeFi Investment Platform

Build your own cryptocurrency investing platform with our white-label solution.

Leading Investment Products

We’ve seen our machine learning-based investment strategies outperform the market for multiple cycles. Now your community can leverage them.

Fully Customizable Design

With our whitelabel platform, you can customize branding and colors to your preference. And if needed we will even build a custom solution for you!

Easy Audience Monetization

Monetize your audience by charging a fee for asset management, and entry/exit fees on investment products.
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A fully featured DeFi Trading Platform

You don't need to be a Wall Street veteran to access investment opportunities.

Users can connect their wallets, invest into tokenized products, and see their portfolio's performance.

This could be your platform.

We’ve created an Investment Platform that is designed to make it easy for you to manage your investment offerings.
Investor Dashboard
Strategy Details
Portfolio details
Investor Onboarding
Fiat on/offramp

Strategies offered on our whitelabel platform outperform the market over multiple cycles.

Track Record
With a public records over 2 years, our compounded annual growth rate is +90.67%.
Diverse Strategies
We offer strategies ranging from long-short portfolios to yield-generation strategies.
Backed by Machine Learning & Quantitative Research.
Developed by a team of finance professionals with deep industry experience.

Whether you're looking for active management, yield-generating or index products, we've got you covered.

Active Management
Our automated portfolios have been outperforming the market over multiple cycles.
Yield Generating
Offer your customers yield on their crypto or stablecoins - without lending or counterparty risk.
Index Products
Leading index products that give passive exposure to the crypto markets and sub-sectors.
Your Products
Already have a DeFi product or token? You can offer it on your whitelabel platform as well.

Fully customizable branding: Make your product suite look unified and professional.

Custom Branding
Customize everything, from the fonts to the colors to the images.
Setup takes only 48 hours and will be hosted on your domain.
Cloud Hosted
Cloud hosting and maintenance is included in our offering.
Supreme Support
24/7 customer support and on-demand implementation of new functionality.
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Loved by product people

Sun Labs' DeFi-enhanced white-label platform has been a game-changer for us, boosting transparency, user engagement, and revenue. Their smooth integration and expert support make them the go-to choice for businesses wanting to keep up with the fast-paced crypto industry.

Jinho Kim
CEO, Cashtree

Setting up the whitelabel was a breeze. After an initial design & setup call, my custom website was ready after one day. They were even able to let me hook up my own trading algorithms to the platform.

Head of Trading