Sun Labs Welcomes Two Corporate Advisors

Sun Labs Welcomes Two Corporate Advisors
William Purdy
Head of Growth
Sun Labs Welcomes Two Corporate Advisors

Sun Labs is proud to announce the addition of Tony Cheng and John Nash as corporate advisors. These experienced and accomplished professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. In addition, they will play a vital role in scaling the platform and product distribution across institutional and retail investors in the digital asset management industry.

"We are thrilled to welcome Tony and John to our team," said Alexander Markl, CEO of Sun Labs. "Their experience and expertise in the digital asset management industry will be invaluable as we scale our platform and product distribution. We are confident that with their guidance, we will be able to achieve our goals and continue to drive growth for the company."

Tony Cheng is a General Partner at Foresight Ventures and has previously worked at JP Morgan and Sequoia Capital. He is an expert in Web3 investments and serves as the Head of Corporate Development at Bitget Exchange. With over nine years of experience in the field, Tony brings valuable insights and a track record of success to the team.

Tony Cheng brings a wealth of experience in the financial and technology industries to Sun Labs. As a General Partner at Foresight Ventures, he has a strong track record in Web3 investments. In addition, he brings expertise in fundraising and partnerships to the team. Tony's experience in public and private crossover global investing, with a focus on crypto and fintech in Asia, will be invaluable in helping Sun Labs scale.

John Nash is a CFA charter holder with 12 years of experience in asset management. He profoundly understands the crypto and web3 space, having done due diligence on 1000 deals and written 40 checks within his web3 venture portfolio. In addition, John's background in banking and private equity and his experience in venture capital makes him a valuable asset to the Sun Labs team.

John Nash's background in asset management, combined with his deep understanding of the crypto and web3 space, makes him a valuable asset to Sun Labs. His experience in private equity and venture capital, where he has been responsible for diligence and portfolio management of startups in various industries and stages, will be valuable in helping Sun Labs expand its asset management business. Additionally, John's deep network in the crypto and web3 space will be instrumental in helping Sun Labs grow its investment product distribution to reach a wider audience.

Together, Tony and John will bring a wealth of experience and a deep network of connections to Sun Labs, helping the company drive innovation and growth in the DeFi asset management space. In addition, their expertise in fundraising, partnerships, and portfolio management will be invaluable in assisting Sun Labs' scale distribution to reach a wider audience of investors, further solidifying the company's position as a leader in the digital asset management space.

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