Sun Labs and Velvet.Capital Partner to Bring Quant Finance to the Blockchain

Sun Labs and Velvet.Capital Partner to Bring Quant Finance to the Blockchain
William Purdy
Head of Growth
Sun Labs and Velvet.Capital Partner to Bring Quant Finance to the Blockchain

Sun Labs and Velvet.Capital have joined forces to provide a powerful new way for public and private clients to access tokenized portfolios.

Utilizing Velvet.Capital's new multi-chain portfolio construction protocol, Sun Labs will launch a suite of investment products that are secure and reliable thanks to protocol auditing from both PeckShield and ShellBoxes.

Products On The Protocol

Sun Labs will launch a variety of diversified portfolios featuring tokenized products developed by our quantitative research team. The portfolios will include Sun Labs' market-outperforming Quantum Momentum strategies available to retail and institutional investors.

With products of this type, clients may benefit from Velvet.Capital's self-custody technology and on-chain transparency making asset tracking an effortless process. As we further explore Velvet.Capital's offerings, stay up-to-date with the latest news from Sun Labs regarding these beneficial strategies and portfolios.

Custom Solutions for All

The partnership between Velvet.Capital and Sun Labs to develop custom tech stack solutions is an exciting opportunity for both companies. Velvet.Capital will integrate untapped defi protocols and develop APIs necessary for Sun Labs to offer innovative trading tools, and investing products on-chain through their platform Sun Invest.

Through this collaboration, both companies can utilize their industry expertise towards enhancing their operations and cost structure while providing innovative financial solutions.

Velvet.Capital's Exciting Innovations

Velvet.Capital is a portfolio tokenized protocol that enables institutions and individuals to build tokenized investment portfolios with new forms of yield. Their goal is to make it easier for businesses and investors to access these tokenized portfolios quickly and securely.

The team at Velvet.Capital has years of experience in traditional finance, blockchain development, operations & compliance, marketing & PR, and more. Their code has been audited by PeckShield and ShellBoxes, making it public and secure, and they have won numerous awards, such as the 2022 Most Valuable Builder award from Binance labs.

By partnering with Sun Labs, Velvet.Capital seeks to provide more options for its users when it comes to portfolio evolution.

Sun Labs' Unique Offerings

Sun Laboratories provides custom investment solutions ranging from machine-learning-driven trading strategies to providing MiFID2 licensing coverage. We offer alternative investments for businesses wanting access to sophisticated technology such as AI-driven trading algorithms or those looking for complete digital asset management services.

This comprehensive offering puts us ahead of our competition in providing tailored quantitative finance solutions for digital asset investors.

What Does This Mean?

This new partnership between Sun Labs and Velvet Capital aims to provide customers with access to structured investment products built on a secure multi-chain public protocol that has been audited by PeckShield and ShellBoxes – two of the top audit firms in the business.

The collaboration marks a milestone for both companies as they join forces to bring quantitative finance onto the blockchain. Furthermore, this partnership will help both companies reach new heights as they look forward to more collaborations soon.

The Start of Something Great

The partnership between Sun Labs and Velvet Capital will bring together two leading innovators in blockchain technology who share a vision of bringing quantitative finance solutions to businesses worldwide seeking reliable partners in this space.

With a unique offering built on a secure codebase backed by independent auditors, combined with an unparalleled understanding of quantitative finance, these two companies are uniquely positioned as ideal partners for digital asset investors and managers alike.

Get ready—tokenized quantitative finance is coming!

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