How Sun Labs helped Cashtree transition to a blockchain-based business model and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Mobile Advertising
Jakarta, Indonesia
Investors Served
10 Million

Cashtree & Sun Labs: Revolutionizing Mobile Advertising and Expanding User Engagement in the Crypto World


Cashtree, a mobile 'watch-to-earn' advertising platform boasting over 4 million users, aspired to become Indonesia's most influential web3 mobile media brand. However, they faced several challenges hindering their growth and limiting their potential to reach their goals.

Sun Labs, a leading asset manager, and investment platform development company, was chosen to provide customized solutions to address Cashtree's needs and help them transition to a blockchain-based business model.


Cashtree faced the following core challenges in its quest to revolutionize mobile advertising and expand user engagement:

  • User Engagement and Trust: Cashtree needed to engage users effectively and build trust in their platform. They required a more user-friendly and secure solution to attract potential customers and keep them engaged with the platform.
  • Revenue Diversification: Cashtree's revenue streams were limited, primarily relying on traditional mobile advertising. They needed to explore new opportunities in the growing crypto market to stay competitive and attract more users.
  • Market Reach and Accessibility: Cashtree's services were primarily accessible on mobile devices, which limited their user base. They needed a comprehensive solution to expand their reach across various devices and platforms, allowing users to access their services seamlessly.
  • Localization and International Expansion: Cashtree aimed to become Indonesia's most influential mobile media brand. It needed to cater to the local market while supporting international expansion. This required the platform to be accessible in multiple languages and provide dedicated customer support for each language.
  • Technological Integration: Seamless integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into Cashtree's existing platform, ensuring a smooth user experience while maintaining platform performance and security.
  • Marketing Plan and Strategy Development: Cashtree needed a well-formulated marketing plan and roadmap to effectively launch their token, CTT, and establish a strong presence in the crypto market.
  • Centralized Exchange Listings and Market Making: As a newcomer in the crypto ecosystem, Cashtree required assistance listing their token on centralized exchanges and maintaining a healthy market, ensuring liquidity and price stability.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Arbitrage: With multiple trading pairs available on various decentralized exchanges, Cashtree needed a partner to conduct arbitrage activities, which would help maintain market efficiency and reduce price discrepancies.

Sun Labs' Solutions

Sun Labs provided an all-encompassing solution that tackled the core challenges faced by Cashtree:

  • User Engagement and Trust: Sun Labs designed a secure, user-friendly web3 'watch-to-earn' platform integrated with Cashtree's CTT token rewards, gamification elements, advanced analytical tools, watchlists, price alerts, and customized notifications.
  • Revenue Diversification: Sun Labs helped Cashtree diversify its revenue streams and re-engage its audience by introducing a token, staking functionality, DeFi native integrations, and an NFT marketplace.
  • Market Reach and Accessibility: Sun Labs developed a seamless desktop connection to the Cashtree app and provided a mobile SDK for developers, facilitating the easy integration of Cashtree services into various third-party apps.
  • Localization and International Expansion: Sun Labs enhanced the user experience by providing bilingual support in English and Indonesian, catering to the local Indonesian market, and supporting international expansion.
  • Technological Integration: Sun Labs ensured seamless integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into Cashtree's platform, helping them adopt the new technology without compromising user experience or security.
  • Marketing Plan, Roadmap, and Token Launch Strategy: Sun Labs worked closely with Cashtree to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, roadmap, and token launch strategy aligned with their vision and objectives. This ensured a smooth and successful rollout of their CTT token, attracting investors and users alike.
  • Centralized Exchange Listings and Market Making: Sun Labs provided support for listing the CTT token on major centralized exchanges, offering market-making services to maintain liquidity and stable prices, contributing to the token's success and user adoption.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Arbitrage: Sun Labs conducted arbitrage on Cashtree's DEX trading pairs, ensuring market efficiency and reducing price discrepancies between various trading platforms. This activity helped maintain a stable and healthy market for Cashtree's token.


Sun Labs' comprehensive and customized solutions helped Cashtree achieve remarkable results:

  • Enhanced user engagement and trust, leading to a more extensive user base and increased revenue.
  • Diversified revenue streams by introducing staking, DeFi native integration, and NFT marketplace, catering to a broader range of user interests.
  • Expanded market reach and accessibility, ensuring a consistent experience across devices and increasing the ecosystem of apps and services using Cashtree's technology.
  • Established strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, generating additional revenue streams and positioning Cashtree as an industry leader.
  • Successfully integrated blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into the platform, providing transparency to both users and advertisers while maintaining a secure and user-friendly experience.
  • A well-defined marketing plan, roadmap, and token launch strategy facilitated a smooth CTT token rollout. It attracted a broad range of investors and users.
  • The successful listing of the CTT token on major centralized exchanges, with Sun Labs' market-making services ensuring liquidity and price stability, contributing to the token's success and user adoption.
  • Efficient and stable markets for Cashtree's token trading pairs on decentralized exchanges, thanks to Sun Labs' arbitrage activities, which ultimately helped maintain a healthy ecosystem for Cashtree's cryptocurrency offerings.

Roadmap and Sun Labs' Support

Sun Labs is working closely with Cashtree to empower them with a better Web3 ecosystem as they plunge into the crypto world with new blockchain integration. The following timeline highlights key events in which Sun Labs will assist with development:

  • Staking & Basic DeFi Features: Sun Labs will help launch the virtual platform with CTT staking features, enabling users to stake their Cashtree tokens, withdraw or exchange them, and convert existing Cashtree points into Cashtree tokens.

Complete DeFi Platform

  • Complete DeFi Platform: Sun Labs will support the introduction of a comprehensive DeFi trading and investment platform, emphasizing educational content and offering utility through token holding for reduced platform fees. The platform will also debut tokenized investment products, with a percentage of fees allocated to an ecosystem development fund.

Global Desktop Watch-To-Earn Application

  • Global Desktop Watch-To-Earn Application: Sun Labs will assist in the global launch of the Cashtree watch-to-earn desktop application globally, broadening the Cashtree experience to encompass desktop and mobile devices worldwide. The platform will incorporate on-chain connections for transparent user reward validation. Furthermore, new gamification and reward elements will be introduced in preparation for the upcoming NFT marketplace.
  • NFT & Reward Marketplace: Sun Labs will support launching a secondary market for rewards, enabling users to trade or cash out digital collectibles and trophies acquired through time and engagement with the platform. All transactions will be conducted in CTT, and token holders possessing a specific amount of CTT will enjoy zero fees on the platform. A portion of the fees will be directed to the ecosystem development fund for continued growth.
  • Mobile SDK: Sun Labs will aid Cashtree in releasing a mobile SDK, facilitating seamless integration of the mobile advertising system into partner platforms. This will allow platforms to monetize their users by offering rewards in CTT, encouraging engagement within the ecosystem.
  • Continued Ecosystem Expansion: Sun Labs will collaborate with Cashtree on ongoing ecosystem enhancements, including a cashback reward system linked to debit cards, DeFi identity solutions integrated with an on-chain advertising analytics platform for advertisers, payment gateway incorporation for increased real-world utility among local businesses, and numerous other advancements.


Throughout the roadmap, Sun Labs will continue to provide invaluable support to Cashtree as they navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By addressing its core challenges and offering innovative solutions, Sun Labs successfully supports Cashtree in revolutionizing mobile advertising and expanding user engagement in Indonesia. In addition, the collaboration between Cashtree and Sun Labs strengthens Cashtree's position in the mobile media market. It sets a precedent for other companies looking to innovate and grow in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.