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Here at Sun Labs, we are passionate about the world of investments.

Founded by a small group of university friends and starting out as a crypto trading shop, our team has blossomed into a global network of crypto enthusiasts unified by our dedication to the field.

After several successful market cycles, we decided to tokenize our portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies in order to offer access to people across the world.

Our services range from licensing and platform development to asset management - all of which we conduct with utmost care and attention.

We invite you to join us on our journey!
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Meet the leadership team

Alexander Markl
Alexander Markl
Co-Founder, CEO
Jenny Ban
Jenny Ban
Co-Founder, CIO/CFO
William Purdy
William Purdy
Head of Growth
Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn
Head of Product
Aaron Meteling
Aaron Meteling
Head of Development

“Our vision is to democratize access to financial services and give everyone - from rich to poor - the same opportunities.”

Jenny Ban
Co-Founder, CIO & CFO

A little history

Our journey began with a simple question: What barriers prevent people from participating in crypto?

We set out on our quest to answer this query and quickly found a prevalence of individuals who were eager to join crypto but lacked the knowledge of how to.It became clear—they needed more than just information; these folks wanted someone they could trust.

So we began building Sun Labs — a company dedicated to bridging the gap between developers & investors by providing inside knowledge about decentralized finance.


SW Capital Launches
Three ambitious students with their master's degrees took a bold step forward in the world of digital asset investing when they founded the German-based hedge fund, SW Capital.


Gaining Traction
Institutional investors and High Net Worth individuals alike begin increasingly relying on SW Capitals' quantitative, delta neutral strategies for success.


Strategies For All
With long-term success, SW Capital achieved the top 3 out of 5 performing algorithms among hundreds on StackedInvest, making them one of the leading centralized providers.


Strategies On The Chain
SW Capitals algorithmic strategies get tokenized on the Polygon blockchain and integrated with Set Protocol to offer automated trading!


Sun Labs is Born
After years of dedication to advancing the personal finance industry, Sun Labs is here and we’re utilizing our blockchain and financial technology expertise to make a lasting impact.